2020- FLAG 70th Anniversary Symposium & Exhibition was scheduled to be held at Foosaner Art Museum in Melbourne, Florida, with all the usual activities of a symposium planned for the weekend of March 27-29.  The exhibition unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19.  Although the symposium didn’t take place, the museum re-opened and the exhibition continues until July 27th.   A virtual tour is presented online.   Click on FLAG website for the link.

Tobias Picker:  Old and Lost Rivers by Susan von Gries  is a multi media 4 panel piece depicting abstract impressions of Mother Earth and the loss of rivers, lakes and glaciers, which are melting due to climate change and affecting the livelihood of the Eskimos besides the lives of animals which depend on the arctic for life.  Farmers’ livestock and other animals are dying as the grasses which they eat to survive are not growing.